II. Hungarian South-Plain Rotary Chlarity Running Day

Running with friendship for help!

Purpose of the event: The establishment of the financial background to ensure help for those in need, as well as to popularize running as a valuable leisure activity and of course healthy living. Our annual event involving the interlacement of both sport and charity will arrive at the second station of a health-oriented tradition held in South-Plain of Hungary and we hope that it will be scheduled in the running calendar of more and more runners in the world.

Charity Aim in 2015: Support of an already selected physically disabled people, Nicholas Tanács living and working in Netherlands to procure a specially prepared car, which is essential for him in commuting to work and thereby for his livelihood.

Three cervical vertebrae of Nicholas were broken via an unfortunate accident and his spinal cord was also damaged. He paralyzed from the neck down immediately after this accident. The Hungarian Nicholas have worked in the Netherlands for four years before this event, so his health insurance was paid there, therefore the medical intervention and his rehabilitation treatments were carried out also here. There was no choice; he had to fight the battle for survival and for recovery away from his home. Despite the difficulties Nicholas did not give up the hope! After the surgery in the rehabilitation period he started to be employed as a telephone clerk, where he is still working. Our Rotary Club would like to help his every day commute via the organization of our next international charity running day with the purchase of a special prepared vehicle, for which Nicholas has already a valid driving license and he is able to drive it.

Date: 03.11.2015.  (Saturday)

Location:Mórahalom (46°12'52.3"N 19°53'52.2"E)


Rotary Club Mórahalom, Railway Sports Club Szeged (SZVSE), Victoria Sport Club Mórahalom (VSM)


  • Running:
    • 500 m – kindergarten race,
    • 1500 m – young schoolchildren race,
    • 2500 m – senior schoolchildren race,
    • 7 km – One Sixth Marathon,
    • 14 km – One Third Marathon,
    • 21 km – Half Marathon,
    • 14 km Relay (2 x 7 km),
    • 21 km Relay (3 x 7 km),
    • “Best run companies”
    • Patron running (optional distances: 500 m; 1500 m; 2500 m) – out of races
  • Wheelchair:
    • 3 km
    • 6 km
  • Roller skates:
    • 3 km
    • 6 km

Registration, entry fees, deadlines:


Until 30.07.2015.

Until 15.09.2015.



Fees (HUF/category)

7 km




14 km




21 km




14 km relay




21 km relay




Patron running




Wheelchair (3 km)




Wheelchair (6 km)




Roller skates (3 km)




Roller skates (6 km)




“Best run companies”*



Not possibility

* The indicated registration fee covers the participation of a group containing max. 10 people, in the case of all other started group (with additional peoples) multiple of the indicated fee should be payed.

The participation in the categories of kindergarten- (500 m), young schoolchildren- (1500 m) and senior schoolchildren (2500 m) races is free of charge; the registrations for these categories are possible via internet and on the spot. In the case of on-line registration a Decathlon coupon (1000 HUF) will be included, as well as a free of charge children spa ticket will be provided to the local famous St. Elizabeth Spa marked with the registration name and will be valid until 23.12.2015.

If You would like to enter on these distances and would like to get the full registration pack, You should register into the “Patroner running” category!

Please register as soon as possible to get the registration packs and all further notifications!

It is important that a company's competitors should nominate themselves in the online system as individuals!

The entry fee, for those who register online, includes:

- A free ticket provided by the St. Elizabeth Spa Mórahalom .

- 1,000 HUF worth of coupon redeemable at Decathlon Sport Store

- Technical Decathlon T-shirt on the longer distances, on the shorter distances cotton T-shirt.

- Route insurance

- Refreshments during the competition.

- Medical service

The entry fee, for those, who register on the spot includes:

- Free ticket provided by the St. Elizabeth Spa Mórahalom.

- Route insurance

- Refreshments during the competition.

- Medical service

The refreshment stations follow one another in every 2-3 kilometres. At the refreshment stations water, glucose and fruits will be at the runners' disposal.

Categories - age groups:


-          For the 500-meter run, kindergarten kids (born: 2009.09.01 – 2012.), while in the 1,500 meter run primary school children (born: 2005.09.01 – 2009. 08. 31) and for 2,500 meter run, the senior class students (born: 2001.09. 01-2005. 08, 31) may step up to the starting line. Male/female categories will be awarded separately, for them, who start in the “Patroner running” category, and a member of the age groups mentioned above, is also in competition in the given category.

-          For the ones who complete the distances 7 km, 14 km and 21 km there are no age groups, the male/female categories will awarded separately.

-          In case of the relay races there are no age groups and the male/female categories will be organised consolidated, because of the mixed couples applying.

-           The entrants of “Patroner running” category, who do not fall into the right age groups of children, will be running for the joy of movement and aid, so they will not be rewarded.

-          In the wheelchair category (6 km, 8 km) there are no age groups, male / female categories will be rewarded separately.

-          For skates categories (6 km, 8 km) there are no age groups, male / female categories will be rewarded separately.

-          In case of the “Good running companies” (company running) we reward winners in two categories:

  • "The sportiest company", for whom the runners entered in to the competition run the greatest distance combined.
  • "The best running company", for whom the runners reach the highest average speed.

Registration, pre-registration

Afterwards, in case of a category, where there is an entry fee needed, the appropriate sum must be transferred to the below bank account of RC Mórahalom:


In case of an international transfer: HU21 5690 0044 1042 7640 0000 0000

In case of individual applications, we request to enter the name of the runner, his/her birth year and the race category also (7 km / 14 km / 21 km / 21 km relay / “Patroner running” category, etc.) in the announcement of the bank transfer, and the T-shirt size also! In case of a company registration, it is very important, that the name of the company shall be also written in the announcement, and also the number of attendants’ by categories (for example: 10,5 km 5pieces,  21 km 8pieces)!

Registration on the spot is possible by filling out and signing the entry form, and payment of the entry fees.

The picking up of the race number is due on the day of the race, on the place of application.

In case of an entry fee bounded category, the pre-registration of an athlete or company is considered to be acceptable if the registration is done and within 5 days of the application, the entry fee has been transferred, otherwise the registration will be deleted from the system. The determination of entry fee is based on the date when the transfer is made.

The arrival of the registration fee will be confirmed within 14 days on the given email address.


The finalists, who finish on the 1-3 places of each category, will receive medals, certifications and prizes offered by the Dechatlon Sport store.

Information and help:

Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. email address

Other information:

There is no time limit; all contestants taking part will be waited in the finish.

The race number must be held on the front, clearly visible.

We take no responsibilities for the valuables.

The changing of clothes is assured on the spot.

Competition Rules

All competitors in the race take part at their own risk which they cognizance whit the payment of the entry fee and the receiving of the start number. All competitors must be in good health. The competitors are not aware of any disease they have, which would hinder the participation on the sporting event. The contestant agrees, that she/he may be visible on the motion picture or photo materials recorded or created throughout the competition, which online and printed materials may be used free of charge. For that contestant, who has been entered to the competition, but did not start at the race, the organisers has no possibility to pay the entry fee back.

It is very important, if you take part, it is not only good for your health, but you are also helping others!

Wish you a good run!

RC-Mórahalom , SZVSE, VSM


Decathlon Sport Store, Szt. Erzsébet Spa Mórahalom

The Local Government of Mórahalom, MóraNet LTD.


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